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How to purchase the field guide

NOTE:   This book is currently undergoing a reprint,

so it is unavailable at this time. I'll let you know when

it's back in print.


A Field Guide to Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles has been reprinted
and is available for purchase. 

To order the book, mail checks to

Attn: Amphibians and Reptiles
PO Box 53465
OKC, OK  73152

Make Checks payable to ODWC - please reference "Field Guide" on the check

View book excerpts and get an order form online in the Outdoor Store -- http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/outstorepubs.htm

Purchase Price - $14 (plus $2 shipping for one book - add $0.50 to the shipping for each additional book)
Example: 1 book = $16.00; 2 books - $30.50; 3 books - $45.00; and so forth

Purchase 20 or more books for $10 per book!
(shipping charges apply - call for details)

(405) 521-3851


You may also purchase over-the-counter at:

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
OKC Headquarters
1801 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105


ODWC Jenks Office (Adjacent to the Oklahoma Aquarium)
300 Aquarium Drive
Jenks, OK
(918) 299-2334

Tulsa Zoo's Meerkat Market gift shop

Oxley Nature Center gift shop  (in Mohawk Park, near Tulsa Zoo)

Oklahoma City Zoo's gift shop



NOTE:  www.oksnakes.org in no way profits from any sale of this publication.

We merely promote is as a valuable tool for home use.



Welcome to oksnakes.org, the first website to help you identify all of
Oklahoma's native snakes. Given the large volume of old wives' tales
and flat-out misinformation about snakes, our mission is to provide you,
our visitor, with 100% accurate FACTS about the world's most mis-
understood animals. We hope you use this site as a tool to identify
and learn about Oklahoma's snakes.


Thank you for visiting!

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